Total Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation | Providing the highest standards of hands-on service


At our Wellers Hill and Woolloongabba Physiotherapy practices, Kathy Armstrong Principal Physiotherapist and the team are committed to providing the highest standards of hands-on service. All our physiotherapists have extensive experience at last count an impressive >100 years combined!

Our aim is to give all our patients the highest quality treatment and advice to provide the best clinical results and patient satisfaction.


Jaw/TMJ pain and dysfunction
Face or Ear Pain
- Kathy Armstrong, Dean Hargest and Tim Duffy lead our clinic of dedicated Physiotherapists with experience and knowledge to assist you with your condition and provide effective advice, management and treatment.

Headaches – Kathy Armstrong and Tim Duffy have completed headache and migraine treatment coursework with the Watson Headache Institute

Exciting new program – PD Warrior now offered at Wellers Hill Physiotherapy
WHAT IS PD WARRIOR? PD Warrior™ is a revolutionary exercise program designed to slow progression of Parkinson's disease. PD Warrior™ offers people hope that there is life after diagnosis and helps to answer the six most common questions when you have been newly diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. PD Warrior is more than just an exercise program- it is a philosophy that teaches you how to regain control and how to get back into life.
Call us at Wellers Hill Physiotherapy on 07 38927501 for further details or click on the link to learn more